This Husband Tried To Help His Wife Cook But Made A Disgusting And Horrible Mistake That’ll Make You Gag

Some husbands try to be seriously helpful to their wives (SOME HUSBANDS…not all). When this happens, there’s nothing like it. Truly, imagine your significant other got off the couch for once in their life and did the dishes? Cooked a meal? Picked up their shoes from the middle of the living room floor? Wow, dream big. While it’s sincerely sweet to think our men may lift a helping hand, sometimes, they make a little mistake that makes us say: “Oh No Baby, What Is You Doing?” But, like, in the sweetest way possible. One husband tried his very best to help his busy wife make dinner but measured some rice with ummm..the wrong measuring cup.

Cindy from Victoria, Australia runs a business and is very busy most days. So, her husband tried to help make some dinner. Cindy later found this in her bag of rice. For those who don’t know…that’s, not a measuring cup.

Cindy told BuzzFeed News that she had left a measuring cup out in the kitchen for her husband who said he was going to help make dinner. But, earlier, she had caught her toddler playing with her menstrual cup and, forgot she had left it in the kitchen by the sink. Instead of using the measuring cup, her husband used the other cup. The next day, Cindy found it in the rice.

Her husband, of course, still thought it was a measuring cup. Until his wife tried explaining what it actually was.