30 People Who Deserve Recognition For Their Hysterical Shenanigans

Sometimes you see a picture that is too hard to believe. It’s hard to think that some people can be so stupid, insane, or even clever. This is a list of people who either deserve an applause or an encouraging pat on the back. Some people make the most of their bizarre situations others are not so lucky. Either way the majority of these people are absolute legends and I think it’s about time we gave them some of the recognition they deserve. A few of them may be trying to make the world a better place, while others simply want to watch the world burn. Enjoy this hysterical list filled with shenanigans you just don’t see everyday.

1. This guy who tried to leave the bar in a steamroller.

2. How did you miss that one?

3. Awkward has been achieved, way to go.

4. ‘You can’t order from the drive-thru unless you’re in a car’.

5. At least they know.