50 Memes That Got Over 50,000 Likes In 2017

It’s been a crazy year. Seems like the world is all over the place these days, but one thing has remained consistent: memes. Memes are going stronger than ever. Some more than others, and these are the cream of the crop. The best of the best. The memes of the year, and they keep getting better as you read on. I’m so jealous of the journey you’re about to go on. Enjoy!

50. 50.7K

@toptree is definitely part of my fam and should be part of yours. Stuff your faces today and worry about it tomorrow.

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49. 51.2K

Holy Shit

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48. 51.8K

@blakewebber is the funniest person I know ???? pic is @millierockonlitterbox

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47. 53.4K

@highfiveexpert is a must follow

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46. 54.7K

If you’re not following @memezar you’re fucking up

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