Puffin Gets Its Food Stolen On ‘Blue Planet 2,’ And The Struggle On Twitter Is Real

So Blue Planet 2 is the long-awaited followup series to the 2001 British documentary series Blue Planet. Both are narrated by the quintessential nature documentary narrator Sir David Attenborough. Both are among the most well-produced and unflinching animal documentaries ever made, which is both a blessing and a curse.

Over the weekend, the BBC aired the sixth episode, “Coasts,” which focused on animals and birds that live right up near the beach and around the sea. The definite highlight of the episode: puffins, which are like penguins but they fly better and sport lots of cool colors.

Here are some fun facts about puffins ascertained from Blue Planet 2:

• A baby puffin is called a “puffling.”

• Puffins will travel 60 miles (or more) to get the fish they need to feed their young. (Which, as you remember, are adorably called “pufflings.”)

• Puffins mate for life. (And together they create “pufflings.” Sorry, it’s a fun and adorable word, “pufflings.”)

• Puffins hate Arctic Skuas, because they’re jerks.

Arctic Skuas are the pirates of this coast; stealing the puffin’s catch with speed and stealth.

Like puffins, Arctic skuas are seabirds, but unlike wonderful, hard-working puffins, these jerkwads of the beach will run down other birds — puffins, specifically — rough them up, and steal the fish that they’ve traveled 60 miles roundtrip to get. Can you believe this ish? Neither could the internet. Blue Planet II viewers find this scenario highly troubling…but also relatable.

I am actually devastated for that Puffin that got it fish robbed

Puffin done a 60 mile round trip to get a little fish to take back to the family without eating any. Like me not eating any chips out the bag on the way home from McDonald’s

I feel like i just watched the 2016 election all over again.

At least We can stop wondering why puffins look so worried all the time

That bird is probably the one who stole my lean cuisine from my work fridge.

Me in 4th grade when I had the big bag of Cheetos

Such a struggle to feed the family


no surprise their other name (in Norway) is Parasitic Jaeger.

Reminds me my boss though

*puffin appears*

David Attenborough: he’s a fisherman and a father and has a mate for life

me: he’s everything i want to be and more