25 Holiday Gifts For The ‘Shameless’ Fan In Your Life

We all know that person that has no shame in their “Shameless” addiction. They quote the show throughout their entire day as if the Shameless script was their second language and they can’t do anything in throughout the day without making a Shameless reference. Who doesn’t love the Gallagher family? They make all of our families look super normal. Plus, they’re hilarious. Well, the good news about your Shameless fan’s addiction is that they are one very easy person to shop for this holiday season.

1. Character Tee:

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2. “I Rather be Home Watching Shameless” Travel Mug:

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3. F*ck Off Eye Mask:

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4. Shameless Complete Seasons:

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5. In A World Of Kardashians Be A Gallagher PJ Set:

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