10 Small Signs You May Have High Functioning Depression

4. You overdo everything.

When it comes to anything in life: eating, drinking, working, studying, those who suffer from high functioning depression don’t know what a “middle ground” is. Instead, they do everything to the extreme and overdo most things in their lives. This, however, can also be something that turns into an alarming bad habit, like gambling, drinking, or drug use.

5. You don’t give yourself any time to relax.

People with high functioning depression know that when they stop, even for a moment, the sadness takes over. This is why many who have this disorder are always on the go or always busy doing something. It can be something as simple as cleaning the house from top to bottom or working 7-days a week to keep their mind occupied. Those who have high functioning depression are uncomfortable with rest or calmness.

6. You have rage issues.

When it comes to emotions and anger, those with high functioning depression often fly off the handle quicker than others. They blow up more so than others, and often times in smaller situations. This is due to suppressed emotions, or what experts call “bottling things up.” When you don’t deal with your emotions or your problems underneath, when things trigger you, you unleash them all – often at the wrong times.