Steve Harrington Is In A Band And It’ll Make You Love Him Even More

Everyone knows that Steve Harrington from “Stranger Things” is on the top of our love lists as of right now. In the first season, Steve was a total D-bag who treated Nancy like crap. He was controlling, manipulating and totally a jerk about Nancy’s anxiety about Barb missing. But, towards the end of Season One when he realizes there’s a lot of danger in their town, he seems to have a change of heart. Fast-forward to Season Two – he’s a totally different person. Steve Harrington went from huge jerk to adorable boyfriend and friend overnight. And, we’re kind of obsessed with him now.

If you need another reason to love Steve Harrington – the Duffer brothers who created Stranger Things said the reason they changed Steve’s character from a total d*ck to a nice guy is that the actor who plays him, Joe Keery, is a really nice and lovable guy. Joe Keery happens to be a fan-favorite of the show as well, as his Instagram photos and social media accounts are just as dreamy as he is. And, to top it all off, he’s in a band.

Keery was the drummer and one of the vocalists in a Chicago-based band called “Post Animal.” For years, he’s been flipping his hair around stages with his friends in an indie-rock band that sounds much like “Tame Impala” (who are amazing, BTW).

As of recently, many have admitted that Joe Keery isn’t as active in the band as he once was – seeing as his acting career has sky-rocketed since Stranger Things debuted. But, it’s still giving him major points in my book. A guy who’s good looking with great hair in a band? AND he’s a nice guy? Win/win/win. Plus, their music is actually really good – and you should check it out on Spotify, Apple Music or whatever other streaming service y’all have.

The band is also going on tour – without Joe – but, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t grab yourself some tickets while you can. The music is great and his five other bandmates are talented AF. And, who knows, maybe since they’re not filming ATM, Joe could make a guest appearance.