5 Harsh Truths Every College Student With Anxiety Needs To Face

3. Learning how to be comfortable with yourself is important.

As an American teen, a lot of anxiety comes from the stress and pressures to be someone that we are not. It is so easy to lose yourself in your teen years trying to please everyone and find out exactly who you are. If you are comfortable with yourself you will be confident in yourself and less anxiety over “fitting in.”

4. Exercise is key to coping with anxiety.

Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and get any emotions that are built up inside of you out, without lashing out. Exercise not only will help you relieve stress and cope with anxiety but overall will provide you with a healthier life. It is encouraged to work out at least five times a week.

5. Get off Netflix and get more sleep.

As hard as this may seem because one, anxiety keeps you awake, to begin with, and two, there is never enough time for sleep as an American teen; you need to get sleep. No matter what. Sleep will always be your friend.