23 People Confess The Scariest Moments They’ve Ever Lived Through & They’ll Keep You Up At Night

11. Dijibaby7:

Was an EMT working the 4am-4pm shift. We pick up our rig and get told to post (hang out and wait for a call) in a really shitty part of town.
I parked behind this shopping center where all of the businesses had closed down due to the lack of people around that general area. It was a lot of trailer parks, really run-down apartments, and whatnot. I picked this place because the sun was going to rise in an hour or so and my partner and I both wanted to take a nap until a call came through the radio to us.
My partner has no problem sleeping while sitting straight up in the front of the ambulance. I absolutely cannot do this, so I went in the back and laid down on the bench to try and nap. The thing about our shitty old ambulance was that you couldn’t open the side door from the inside. So I had to get out, go through the side door (not the very back double doors) and lay down. I left the side door a little bit cracked open for when a call came though so I could jump into the front to respond.
About 5 minutes of me laying there and my I hear my partner call me. “Hey dude. You awake?” “Yeah.. what’s up?”
“That person over there has been staring at us for a while.” Across the street there was a sidewalk along the side of a park. I could make out a faint shadow of a person. Knew it was someone because their cigarette butt flickered every time they took a puff. The streetlight was super dim but I could tell that they were there, just fucking staring at us. It was super weird so we watched them for a bit. After about 5 more minutes of us just watching, the person walks away. We joke about how weird people are, being up at 5am roaming around some sketchy park. I lay back down and start to doze off. I wake up to my partner saying “HOLY SHIT DUDE!” So I pop my head up into the front cabin. The person was standing like 20 feet from our ambulance, dressed in all black, staring at him. Eyes locked. I look at her face and I shit you not, she looks like the fucking girl from The Ring. She had pitch black straight hair, wearing all black, very light skinned, the street light made her look like she was white as paper.
My partner is absolutely terrified as they’ve entered some weird sort of staring match. I told him to hop over into the driver seat and get the fuck out of there. He says “I can’t. I’m too scared to move.” Shit, well I guess I have to squeeze from the back though this little ass space to get into the driver’s seat.
I jump up and try to get back into the front cabin. It’s a tight squeeze because I’m a bigger guy, but I make it through. She apparently takes notice of me moving and starts power walking straight to us. I’ve never been so fucking freaked out in my life. As she gets super close, I realize she’s looking at the side door that I left a little bit cracked open! I’m thinking “Fuck I forgot to close it!”
I get a good look at her face. She’s noticed that door and I know she’s gonna try to get in. Maybe she’s going try to kill me? I don’t know but I have to get the fuck out. Her whole body is shaking as she gets closer and closer, still staring at my partner. She gets up right next to his window and just stares at us both in the eyes. I get into the front about with about 1 second to spare, start the ambulance, and peel the fuck out. We never posted there again.

12. StuftRug:

When I was 8 my parents were going through a rough patch in their marriage and my dad was briefly living in a broken down old RV parked in a friends front yard that wasn’t hooked up to anything (classy right?). No electricity no water no nothing. We had to stay there overnight on the weekends we were with him and it always made me nervous. The RV couldn’t even be locked. Well one night I woke up in the middle of night, pitch black with nothing but a tiny flashlight, and I had to pee worse than I have ever had to pee. I was already scared to death of the dark so I woke my dad up and pleaded to let me pee in the bathroom or maybe even the sink but he was grumpy and said no just pee outside there’s nothing out there. I made my way to the door, stepped out into the grass, lowered by pajamas, and started going but as soon as I did some creepy as fuck voice said to me “hey kid come here” along with some rustling in the bushes. I bolted back inside peeing all over myself crying in fear and grabbed the door handle to hold it shut. I heard more rustling outside but then it stopped so I let go and with my little dinky flashlight went over to the window, pulled down the blinds just a bit, and shined my light right into a smiling set of teeth. I didn’t see the rest of the face as I jumped back into my little bed throwing the blanket over my head and cried until the sun came up. People act like I’m being a pussy when I say I’m not too fond of the dark but I still can’t handle pitch black nights.

13. DutyPaidUK:

Sometime in 2002 I hear this ungodly noise outside my front door, sounds like a cross between a barking dog and a cat being strangled. It must be said that I live in town that is bang in the middle of a large forest so wildlife is the norm. So I head outside and find a very small deer stuck in the metal fence, it was one of those fences with large square sections and this little guy got his head in there but his horns acted as barbs and he was going nowhere. Later learned it was a male Muntjac, quite a terrifying looking little shit, horns, tusks… but utterly harmless. Well I decide it can’t stay there and if I simply free it there is a real risk it will get hit by a car. I’m maybe half a mile from the deep forest edge so I free it, pick it up and start carrying it to the forest. For a start, that little deer has heavy as hell and I didn’t notice at the time but he had cut himself up pretty bad trying to get out of that fence. He fought almost the entire way, kicking and bucking his head back to the point I figured the authorities would eventually find me with a deer’s horns stuck in my forehead but I carried on. By the time I get to the forest, I am exhausted and covered in blood. Walking into the forest I notice this deer is fucked, it can barely move, it isn’t fighting anymore. I put him down and he doesn’t even attempt to run and I figure if I just leave him he’s going to be somethings dinner by the end of the night and I’ll be damned if I have just CARRIED a deer half a mile to deliver it to predators. So I ran back home, grab a couple bottles of water then ran back and there he is, still there and gasping. I sat next to that deer and starting giving him sips of water from my hand and cleaning the wound on his neck. His fur was falling off in my hands to the extent his entire neck was almost bald and red raw where he had been trying to get out of that fence but I cleaned it pretty good. After about 2 hours of me sitting there with that deer’s head in my lap and giving him water, he straight leaped up and started to run off. Now I’d love to say he stopped a few yards away and turned to nod at me or some other bullshit but he just pegged it without looking back deeper into the forest. I kinda shrugged, got up, brushed myself off and walked home feeling quite good about myself to be honest.

Where’s the creepy bit!? It’s coming. About 18 months later I’m walking in the forest as part of my daily after work routine. I walk the same route every evening for about 4 miles before dinner and when I get back home, have quite the appetite! At no point in the years I have been walking that route have I come across anything other than the odd roe deer, a badger running away, or maybe a fox running across the trail. I come around a corner onto my homeward bound trail and disturb the biggest fucking badger I have ever seen, this thing was huge. Normally, they leg it as soon as they see a person but this fella was having none of it and started running towards me making the most awful huffing noise. I’m thinking, “Honestly, killed by a poxy badger!?,” when I hear this rustle in the forest in front of me and something I thought was a dog comes out of nowhere, runs past me at a good rate of knots. I stop to turn around and this weird dog plows this badger straight in the face, hits it so hard it ends up knocked off the trail. By this point I am honestly in a “WTF” state. The badger that was just chasing me is now running down the trail being chased and randomly rammed by the weirdest dog in history. Eventually it runs into the woods and this dog gallops back towards me and stops about 20 metres away. Clearly not a dog. A very odd looking little deer with a somewhat bald patch still around his neck…

14. Le_Jacob:

I work in a pub, it’s about 2 miles away in the next village. I usually finish work late (1-2am) and I have to cycle home. The only route is a small road that goes through somewhat large woods. There’s a 1 mile stretch that has absolutely no street lights, it’s pitch black. As I was cycling through the woods I start hearing this screeching sound, similar to a small animal dying. It scared the shit out of me, so I started pedalling fast. I continued to hear it, and it seemed as it was progressing towards me. I use my phone’s camera light to navigate, although it isn’t impossible to see without it. I point my phone behind me and I swear I caught sight of some fucking humanoid creature on all 4s running at me, call it mind games but this was pretty vivid. I continue to cycle as fast as I can (I’ve been cycling long distances from a young age, I’d like to say I’m quite fast), yet I continue to hear the screeching and the light patting of the footsteps of whatever is chasing me. I try to turn my phone light off, and after a few seconds I manage to do so. The patting becomes quieter, and I hear one last screech from whatever it was. I have never been so scared in all my life.

15. Litagoliter:

This takes place in march-april of 2013. Me and a friend had just been to the movies and was just walking around, at ~10:45 PM. We decided we would take a shortcut through the schoolyard of our old school which had since been abandoned and was in pretty bad shape. As we walked through the schoolyard we decided to try to get inside the school building and explore a little bit.

Now, the school consists of two “wings”, so the building is an L shape if viewed from above. It is three stories tall and has three entrances. The main entrance leads in to a kind of main hall, which connects the two wings. Each wing has staircases in each end of the corridors, which lead to the different floors (this is important later). One of the windows right by the entrance to the lower wing was actually wide open, so we could easily get in. We were now in the basement.

We used our cellphones as flashlights, and made sure not to point them towards the windows to avoid being seen. Even though the building was not in use, there was still a lot of stuff left just laying around. Musical equipment, uniforms, a pool table, chairs, etc. So we were just exploring each room in the basement to see if we could find anything cool. We explored the basement for about 15 minutes before we headed up to the first floor, and we were now in the main hall. There was some kind of tarp or large plastic sheet hanging there to separate the hall and the lower wing for some reason. I assume it was for some kind of construction work. We went down one of the corridors and started exploring the classrooms.

Every classroom had been either vandalised or suffered some kind of water damage, so everything was pretty broken down and rotting. In hindsight I think we were lucky the floors didn’t collapse on us or something. We had just come out of the third classroom and were in the corridor when we heard someone moving the tarp/plastic sheet in the main hall. This was not wind or anything, we could definitely tell someone was physically moving it. We could also hear footsteps, although the rhythm of the steps was kind of… weird. It sounded like someone changed their walking pace sporadically, if that makes any sense. We immediately went inside a classroom to hide, as we thought someone had called security on us. We hid behind the door in the classroom for about 2 minutes, dead quiet. We didn’t hear anything else during this time, so we figured it had to be the wind or just random noises. We decided to keep going.

We went through the corridor and up the stairs in the other end from the main hall, and explored the second floor. While we were there we would occasionally hear some noises, but we just brushed it off as wind. After a while we had explored the rest of the corridor, and we decided to walk down the staircase that lead from the second floor to the hall. Halfway down the staircase there was this plateau before the second set of stairs, and this is where things took a turn (no pun intended).

We could see the plastic from there, and it was moving. We also heard some kind of scratching noise. We stood there for a second just listening, and I decided to peek around the corner to see what was making that sound. What I saw scared the living shit out of me. It was some kind of.. creature. It was skinny, almost completely naked (couldn’t see any clothes at least), had really thin strands of hair, and was REALLY pale. Like corpse-pale, almost completely white. The first thing that came to mind was that this thing looked like Gollum, just bigger. It was crouching down and was scratching the floor or something, and it made some weird growly, groany, breathy noises. It was facing away from us, so I just stood frozen for a good while and watched it. I took a step back and just pointed at this.. thing and looked at my friend. He peeked around the corner and immediately I could see his facial expression change into a combination of horror and shock. It was reassuring in a way, knowing that he saw it too.

We just stood there for a good 20 seconds just watching this thing do whatever it was doing, and the most clichè horror movie thing happened. My friend started backing away slowly, and while doing so stepped on a piece of glass that cracked. This startled the “creature”, and it quickly looked over it’s shoulder right at me. I just bolted at that point. We ran all the way to the basement to get out, and the whole way there I swear it felt like it was right behind us.

We ran back to my friends house, and when we got there we had a kind of debriefing session, making sure we both saw the same thing. The closest thing to a reference picture I can find is this. It pretty much looked exactly like that, just with thin strands of hair on it’s head.

I understand if you think I’m bullshitting, I would be skeptical if someone else told this story. But I swear this actually happened, and my friend confirms it to this day. We got a good enough look at it to confirm that it was a humanoid creature of some sorts, but it didn’t really resemble a human being.

The only explanation I can think of is that it was a homeless dude that for some reason was naked in this abandoned school, but this is in northern Norway during winter; you wouldn’t survive very long without clothes. Also, I live in a very small town with very few if any homeless people, so that theory wouldn’t really make sense. It could also be some kind of animal that had found it’s way inside, but we got a GOOD look at it, and it didn’t resemble any animal I’ve seen before.

I have no idea what that thing was. I am normally a rational/occam’s razor kind of person, but we saw what we saw and I have no explanation for it.