9 Ways To Tackle Everyday Stresses That Actually Work

If you’re physically stressed out:

4. A Bubble Bath:

Strip away those stressful layers (metaphorically speaking of course) and take a warm bubble bath that will help wash the bad vibes away. Enjoy some much needed alone time soaking in water only fit enough for mermaids. Try some incredible bath bombs or enjoy a nice glass of wine while listening to your favorite podcast.

5. Massage your tension away:

Stress leads to tension in your shoulders and that tension only continues to build up if it isn’t addressed. So how does one get rid of pesky knots in between the impossible-to-reach shoulder blades? It’s time to set up a massage appointment. Sites like Groupon and Living Social are great ways to find incredible deals for 60-minute massages at your local spa. You can also bring the spa home with a spa-at-home kit!

6. Start a Skin Care Routine:

The truth is, when you look good you feel good. So when you stand in front of that bathroom mirror every morning and recite those words of affirmation, wouldn’t you like to see some healthy glowing cheeks looking right back at you? Try spicing up your skin care routine with some fun new products at night before bed! Glossier is popping up everywhere, and people are loving it! Why not give it a try?

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