20 Disney Songs That’ll Get You Through Cuffing Season When You’re Single AF

Phil Collins can be your bae.

6.”When Will Life Begin” – Tangled

I guess you ask/sing to yourself this when we’re all alone singing Disney karaoke – am I right?

7. “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes” – Cinderella

Omg, remember when the entire Disney Channel cast did a remake to this song? YEAH, F*CKIN’ AWESOME.

8.”I’m Almost There” – The Princess & The Frog

For all of my independent ladies (&men) out there who don’t need a man, Tiana will embrace it through with you.

9.”In a World Of My Own” – Alice In Wonderland

If you don’t give 2 f*cks about anything, then join Wonderland.

10. Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride – Lilo & Stitch

Imagine you’re on a tropical island and surfing the cool waves of Hawaii – cuffing season where?