If You’re An Independent Woman, You Probably Do These 10 Things Differently

6. You multitask better than most.

Everything you need to do, you do yourself. You don’t depend on someone else to clean up the kitchen, pay the bills or feed the pets — you’ve created your own routine that you’ll stick by for life. People might assume you’re Superwoman, but the truth is, you’re bound to get incredibly bored without something going on.

7. You can be pretty intimidating, even if you don’t mean to be.

The independent woman might have a resting bitch face, but it doesn’t mean you’re a cruel and demanding person — and eventually, with a little more exposure, people will realize how smart and kind-hearted you truly are. Quite frankly, people can often be intimidated by someone who has full control over their life and you do. You have your opinions and you’re well read, but just because you might not suggest the plan doesn’t mean you don’t want to go out with your friends to get manicures. Even if your schedule is packed, you’ll always try your hardest to make time for social events.

8. You’re not quick to ask for help, but you’re not afraid to, either.

Everyone needs a little bit of help every once in awhile, but the independent woman will use others as a last resort. You’re so used to managing everything on your own that to you, having a friend lend a helping hand might even be a little mortifying. However, you know when you can’t go it alone and have enough humility to ask for help when you truly need it.

9. You don’t live on social media.

No one will see a status like “Finally put the kids to sleep! Now time for a well-deserved glass of wine!” on your page. You’ll put the kids to bed, have your wine and require no validation in doing so. You’re not about showboating your achievements since you don’t judge your life worth on likes and comments.

10. You’ll never settle.

After college, the only job you could land was as a receptionist. You were happy for the money and the exposure to office work – and in your head, you’ll be running that company someday. Even if you like your foot-in-the-door job, you won’t be there for long. Even more, you won’t even consider lunches out with your coworkers on your pro and con list when it’s time to move forward. Sure, you like the time you spent with them, but you’re fully aware that everyone at that office would take the better opportunity if given the chance.

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