A Restaurant Kicked Out A Pregnant Customer For Wearing A Crop Top

In today’s day and age, you would think that everyone would be allowed to wear what they desire and not have to suffer the consequences of people giving them issues about it. But, of course, there are those who wish to make others feel embarrassed, shamed and uncomfortable – even in front of their family.

One woman was denied service at a restaurant for her “inappropriate outfit” in front of her family – and, was also asked to leave. Charisha Gobin was going to have dinner with her mom and sister, wearing a long, maxi-skirt and a crop top – a pretty simple outfit. But, because she is pregnant, the waitress deemed the outfit to inappropriate for their establishment. They also said it was a “violation of the health code” for her to be wearing the outfit there. She was then thrown out of the restaurant – Buzz Inn.

Gobin posted this photo to her Facebook page, sharing that she was thrown out of the restaurant. The post went viral across the web and thousands of people shared how “wrong” the waitress was and how “awful” the restaurant is for throwing her out. Of course, there were also those who thought the outfit was inappropriate and was not respectful of others eating there.

She later removed the post from her social media accounts, but, not before Buzz Inn caught wind of it. The restaurant issued this apology on their own social media account.

What do you think – was Gobin right or was Buzz Inn?