Men Are Confused AF About This Hair Meme & It’s Hilarious

Girls are the greatest when it comes to making memes because they come up with the most hilarious and savage ways to explain everyday life. But, the best part about memes that girls come up with is that guys are 99.9% of the time extremely confused – because like Jon Snow, men know nothing. One Twitter user came up with a pretty funny trolling meme using two different “styles” of hair and I can’t lie, I giggled. But, I also know as a female I understand the meme, while I know most men will be like…WTF mate?

The meme essentially is showing beautiful, loose beach waves on the left compared with ugly, tight, ringlet curls on the right. The Twitter user – who is a hairstylist herself – told BuzzFeed that she styles “sexy beach waves” by first using a curling iron and making the ringlet curls and then brushing them out. But, no one really wants their hair to look like the right photo – at least, I don’t. And the left is what I try to do 7/7 days a week and always fail.

After the tweet was shared and over 100,000 girls laughed at it – we found out that guys have zero clue about women or their hairstyles, because a lot of them were pretty damn confused.

Sorry fellas – maybe you guys need to spend some more time on Pinterest to understand us girls and our hair problems.