This Mom’s “First Day of School” Picture Hilariously Showcases All Parent’s Feels

For some reason, companies think that June/July is the perfect time to start promoting “back to school.” How about – no. Summer usually begins for us in June and y’all are sitting here reminding me that my “vacation” is short AF and turning my “Sunday Scaries” into “Summer Scaries.” But, for parents, it’s a constant blessing to know your kids will be off to school once again and you can return to your regularly scheduled program.

When your kids are young and you don’t send them off to summer camp like my mom did, summertime for parents can be stressful and annoying. You’re constantly having to worry about where your kids are and what they’re doing at all times. And, you have them constantly nagging you to make them food or drive them places (just send your kids to camp, guys).

One mother was so happy that her kids were going back to school that she shared the best photo on the Internet this week to celebrate the occasion. Jena Willingham lays in a pool floatie with a drink in the air as her three children stand behind her – miserable – ready for their first day back to school.

Honestly – how amazing?

Parents all over Facebook were obviously celebrating this mom’s bold and hilarious representation of the “end of summer” because, what better way to celebrate a house free of kids 5-days a week than a mimosa and swimming in dress?