Drake Got A Tattoo of Lil Wayne On His Arm & We’re Kind of Emotional Over It

It seems as though rappers and tattoos are synonymous – as many musicians in the industry have gotten their fair share of ink. So, when a famous rapper goes and gets a new tattoo, it’s not usually huge news. But, Drake’s latest tattoo has us laughing our asses off.

According to TMZ, Drake recently got some brand new ink done and it looks pretty familiar – because, it’s rapper Lil Wayne’s face. I haven’t pumped Weezy F. Baby in quite some time to be honest – it’s been a hot minute since Lollipop was blaring through my iPod speakers – but, it kind of makes sense?

Lil Wayne did bring Drake “under his wing,” and signed him to Young Money at the start of his career. So, essentially, Lil’ Wayne helped make Drake one of the most listened to and streamed artist today – and, what better way to show love and appreciation than by inking a person on your body forever? Not much.