14 Mind Blowing Truths That Will Make You Rethink Everything About Life

With the Internet so easily accessible to us all and people sharing new discoveries everyday, it’s almost impossible to know “everything.” Although, I’m sure you know about a dozen people in your life who truly believe they know everything and – they are always right. You know nothing, Jon Snow – nothing.

The people of the Internet have rallied together to share with us some truths that – to be honest – we’ve never thought about before. And, it’s changing the way we look at everything.

1. It’s inception.

2. Yeah, that was me. I was that kid.

3. And, we probably shake their dirty hands, too.

4. Just don’t tell my doctor.

5. Can I get an amen?

6. Hypocrites, all of you.

7. Our parent’s dab was way better.

8. Because, technology, bro.

9. No wonder I can’t get out of the bathroom.

10. Do we even read anything anymore?

11. What is “summer vacation?”

12. Imagine?!?

13. The honest truth.

14. Bad decisions FTW.