Your Favorite “Parks & Rec” Girl Got Super Stoned With Nuns Because, America

It’s lit.

Your favorite girl from Parks and Rec is giving a whole new meaning to “it’s lit” after appearing in a video with some very special nuns.

Sisters of the Valley are nuns based in California that are super pro-pot. So much so, that the sisters grow their own strains.

According to their YouTube channel,

“The Cannabis plant has, against science and truth, been maligned and lied about for seventy-five years.

We Are Not Catholic Nuns. We are clear about that everywhere we go, everywhere we are asked, it’s at the top of the discussion forum on our website, at the top of the frequently asked questions. WE ARE NOT CATHOLIC NUNS.

We are humble medicine-making women who have not yet realized any profit from this venture. Any monies made are re-invested in bigger batches and hiring more people who have given up on looking for work. We reach for and employ the terminally unemployed.

We are working to shed light across the planet on the urgent need for all of us to save ourselves and save the planet by changing how we live and how we consume.”

So, Aubrey Plaza sat down with these dope nuns and smoked a little ganj – here’s how it went:

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