You Could Be Abusing Your Boyfriend & Not Even Realize It

Trust me, we know.

When people talk about abusive relationships, it’s common within society to associate the man as the abuser and the woman as the victim. We so often correlate domestic violence with physical violence – rather than ever associating emotional trauma in the same category.

A recent post on Tumblr that has gone viral is opening up people’s eyes about domestic abuse and realizing that it can be more than just physical – and can come from more than just the man in the relationship. The post has over 500,000 shares and notes on it, and people are adding to the list every time they reblog it.

While people think that some of these things are “normal,” it is true that many of these tactics and personality traits are indeed abusive. You cannot manipulate and control your significant other just because you are unhappy with them or some of their behaviors.

If you are unhappy with the actions of your SO, you should break up with them before you begin to try and control them in these types of ways.