Kendall Jenner Face-Planted Off A Bike & There’s A Video

Sorry, Kenny, it’s too funny.

Kendall Jenner has had a pretty sh*t year. For one, she’s part of one of the most loved/hated families in America. Everyone has kind of had it with the Kardashians and their crap – I mean, there’s a reason that their TV show ratings have taken a serious downfall.

She also was part of the promotion for the Fyre Festival in The Bahamas – which turned out to be a complete scam – last month.

On top of this, she was the center of a controversial ad campaign with Pepsi where she was brutally attacked online for poking “fun” at the Black Lives Matter activist campaign and other protests.

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Basically – people have been seriously hating on this girl for any move she makes.

So, I’m sure the Internet is rejoicing at the fact that her sister, Khloé Kardashian, decided to post a hilarious video clip to her Instagram page of Kendall face-planting off of a bike.

That’s right – complete wipe out.

Take a look:


My work here is done….. @kendalljenner

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Sorry, Kendall, it’s too good.

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