We Found Tom From MySpace & Here’s What He’s Been Up To

Our very first friend.

Remember the days when you’d rush home to update your MySpace profile picture? You’d hold your crappy cell-phone cameras at a really, really high angle and upload it straight to your family desktop computer, spending hours trying to rack up likes and comments on your very first experience with social networking. You’d spend days looking for the perfect layout, stressing over your Top 8 and trying to figure out how to get as many notifications on your page as possible (you wanted to be super popular).

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If you can recall all of these nostalgic moments – you’ll remember Tom.

Tom was our very first MySpace friend and the guy who created and gave us our first taste of social media. Everyone knew this face and this guy – up until Facebook took over as the key source of our narcissistic social needs and we moved on.

Ever wonder WTF happened to this dude? Because, I know I sure did.

Here’s what Tom looks like now:

After he sold MySpace for $580 MILLION – he decided to retire and do what he loves. Apparently, he’s super into photography now and using other social media networks to promote his stuff. He’s basically Insta-famous for having some dope pictures.

Of course, leave it to the original social media God to still continue on his legacy.

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