Little Girl Dabbing To “Yes, Jesus Loves Me” Is Absolutely Perfect

They can’t handle the swag.

The Internet is a beautiful place filled with hilarious videos and memes – that’s why we’re all here, right? I mean, we don’t rally use it for much else nowadays anyway – amiright?

With the emergence of iPhones and video cameras at the simple swipe of a screen, it’s easier than ever to record all the stupid and hilarious sh*t that little kids do. When I was young, my dad used to have to lug around a 10 pound video camera just to get us on video – and then, we’d have to watch it on the VCR – think about that.

But, because it’s so simple to record things – it’s so easy to share them as well.

One little, adorable and swagged out girl is going viral on the web after doing some serious dabbing during a sing along in her kindergarten class. The best part about it? The song they’re singing is “Yes, Jesus Loves Me.”

Yes, girl, dab out to Jesus, do your thing. The Bible definitely says “Thou Shalt Dab,” somewhere.


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