29 Kids Who Already Have Life Completely Figured Out

Children are the future. Fortunately, these kids have life completely figured out. I wish I had my life half this put-together.

1. This kid who knows what’s best for his friends



4. This expert-level smuggler

5. This kid with a vision and a plan

6. This girl who drew up paperwork for her mom to sign after offering a back rub


8. This kid who’s almost mastered the water dispenser

9. This kid who knows how to handle toxic men

10. This realist

11. These kids who are definitely one adult


13. This kid who lived his revenge fantasy

14. This future literary genius

15. This true princess


17. This kid who had to write a character essay from the perspective of their favorite superhero

18. This kid with the best cake demands

19. This girl who knows the importance of a good nap

20. This kid who understands semantics

21. This kid asking the real questions

22. This selfie queen

23. This cup-stacking champion

24. This kid who is an idiot or a genius

25. This newly-converted pizza follower



28. This ‘crazy hair day’ winner

29. This kid who learned how Amazon’s “One-Click” purchase option works


h/t: Buzzfeed