24 ‘Game Of Thrones’ Memes From The Premiere That’ll Make You Scream Like Ned Umber On The Wall

The entire universe is happy to have Game of Thrones back on our televisions, even if it is for the last time ever. People from around the Internet have been crafting the best memes from the premiere episode, and they’ll leave you howling like that damn kid pinned to the wall. (minus the fire)


1. This one about why we haven’t seen Ghost in some time

The real reason we haven’t seen Ghost in a while. from freefolk

2. This one about Dany and Sansa meeting

I *knew* I’d seen the Dany/Sansa scene somewhere before… from freefolk

3. This one about poor Ned Umber

Ned Umber be like from freefolk

4. This one combining the two biggest stories of the weekend


5. This one about the only thing on Cersei’s mind


6. This one about a very familiar symbol


7. This one about Sam’s attitude

8. This one about that scream

Me watching the scene with the Umber boy from freefolk

9. This one bringing back Lady Olenna’s best line ever


10. This other one mourning lil Ned Umber


11. This picture perfect HBO combo

12. This tease into next week’s episode

13. This Westeros euphemism

"I’ve never ridden a dragon before." – Jon from freefolk

14. This one breaking down that dragon scene

15. This one dunking on creepy Bran


16. This other one pointing out Bran’s weirdness

Me: *goes to the kitchen in the middle of the night to grab a snack* Bran: from freefolk

17. This other tease into next week’s episode


18. This one pointing out Jon’s lack of focus

asoiaf memes

19. This one showing what Cersei really wants

Elephants > Dragons

20. This one illustrating Bran ever since he became the Three-Eyed Raven


21. This one showing a new salty relationship


22. This one showing how Drogon must feel

Not even if there’s a fire from freefolk

23.This action-packed prediction

24. This one commenting on those racist Northerners

h/t: r/freefolk, asoiafmemes