15 Jokes That Only Girls Who Grew Up With Brothers Will Understand

Any girl who grew up with brothers knows it’s a special kind of infuriating joy. One minute you’re being tackled to the ground for messing with their video games or falling into the toilet because they never put the damn seat down and the next minute they’re acting insanely overprotective because you brought a boy home. You never know what you’re going to get.

Through all of the ups and downs, having brothers means never a dull moment and these jokes prove just that.


2. No potential boyfriend is ever safe.

3. They teach you valuable life skills.


5. Being around them gave you special intel.

6. And you judged every girl they brought home.



9. They always got spoiled.

10. You never knew if you really belonged.

11. They’re super protective.

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12. But they can’t seem to remember basic things.

13. You always felt like one of the boys.

14. You almost never had to share clothes.

15. And they still think they can boss you around.

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