10+ Kitchen Products Every ‘Star Wars’ Fan Needs In Their Life

You just can’t play with your old Star Wars toys and action figures anymore. Okay, you could, but you shouldn’t. After all, you’re a grown-up now, and it’s time to put away childish things…so you can make room for the cool, fun grown-up stuff you get to buy, and with your very own money, too! Take, for example, the many Star Wars themed and branded pieces of kitchen equipment. (By the way, we should tell you that we get a little kickback if you click on any of these things and buy them. Thank you in advance for helping us fund the construction of our new Death Star.)

19. Lightsaber Salt and Pepper Shakers.

Good vs. evil, Empire vs. rebels, salt vs. pepper—now you can determine who wins!

Check it out here.

18. Death Star Kitchen Timer.

When your food is ready, it lights up, but it doesn’t blow up.

Check it out here.

17. R2-D2 Oven Mitts.

Such a helpful little guy!

Check it out here.

16. Darth Vader Toaster.

You can change the dial to make your toast light…or dark.

Check it out here.

15. Slow Cooker.

In significantly less time than it takes to train to become a Jedi master, you can get a nice soup going.

Check it out here.

14. Lightsaber Chopsticks.

Don’t fight at the dinner table, though.

Check it out here.

13. R2-D2 Stein.

So that’s what was inside that little droid all along: beer!

Check it out here.

12. Blueprints Plate Set.

You can’t steal these like they did in Rogue One. You have to pay for them and stuff.

Check it out here.

11. Darth Vader Kitchen Apron.

You’ll look just like Darth Vader looked like when he was baking a pecan pie.

Check it out here.

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