15+ Funny Breakup Stories That Prove Not Every Ending Has To Be Sad

When people think about breakups, they’re usually depressing, sad, and painful. But, in reality, there are some relationships that have ended in hilarious or funny ways.

Not every ending has to be dark and gloomy. When we’re young, we end relationships and as we get older and look back on them, we realize they’re actually pretty hysterical. Always find the silver lining in everything–right? BuzzFeed asked their users to share their “funniest breakup story,” and it’ll prove to you that not everything has to be dark.


It was the first girl I ever dated after coming out. I was 16 and we’d been together for 5 months and it was just NOT working. It was an awful relationship. So I decided it had to end. But I’d never broken up with anyone before so I had no idea how to go about it. I pulled her aside at the very end of the lunch period and told her that I “wasn’t in a good place for a relationship right now” blah blah blah typical break up bullshit. But I had NO idea how to end the conversation so here’s what I did. I hugged her…….and then I high fived her. It still haunts me at night.



An ex and I were pretty toxic for years and one Christmas I got him a really nice wallet and watch. During a break up I found out he threw the watch into a lake he somehow found (we don’t really live next to any lakes) and about a year later i found out his previous ex got him a watch which he threw into the same lake so he had this obviously planned. Weirdly kept the wallet but me and his ex actually discussed this and laughed about how ridiculous it is to think both our watches are at the bottom of the same lake. At least he’s consistent I guess.



During my Junior year of high school I had my first boyfriend. About 3 months in things were going pretty good but I really started to realize that we didn’t have much in common, we never had time to hang out, he was a bit clingy, I didn’t have true feelings for him etc… so the week before Spring Break I knew I had to break up with him. I spent all week thinking of a good way to “tell him gently..” Friday comes around and during last period I casually text him to meet me by the car after school… I then proceeded to meet him outside and start the conversation that I didn’t really think things were working out, the whole cliche “it’s not you I promise” deal.. BUT THEN.. a casual friend of ours drives by us mid-heartbreak, rolls down his window, and proceeds to yell “Aww.. what a cute couple!!” …AS IM TRYING TO BREAK UP WITH THE BOY. Yeah. I was mortified. We just kinda both laughed nervously and then I still broke up with him



I broke up with my ex at a party after he went to get me a slice of pizza in a snow storm. I had asked for garlic powder on my pizza- he forgot. I yelled “If you can’t remember the garlic powder, how are we supposed to be together??”. We’re friends and laugh about it now – it was even his tinder description for a bit!



When I was a sophomore in high school I was pretty good friends with a guy. One day before school I was reading in my first period classroom and he walked in and broke up with me.
He thought we were dating for a year and I had no idea.



I told my ex I wanted to break up because we had no chemistry. The next week, when he came to get some of his things, he turned to walk out the door then came back and set a 9-volt battery on my table with the word “spark” written on it. He looked right at me and said, “Just in case you still think we don’t have a spark.”

Then he turned to leave. But he didn’t leave. He walked to the door, just outside of my sight, and waited to see if I was going to run after him. So. Effing. Awkward.



it was 7 years ago and we broke up at a whataburger. we had already ordered and were both crying when the lady brought us our food. then went back to his place and ate our burgers while we cried more…oh 17 year old me..



My ex and I were not in a good place for a while. Over a few months prior, I had been dealing with massive leg problems and told him that I was dealing with a bout of Achilles tendinitis. If you’ve never experienced it, it is the single most painful thing I’ve dealt with and I’ve been injured many different ways. I shared that I was dealing with that. He broke up with my the next day. He was yammering on about moving things around and how we should get that done. I waved a very dismissive hand and told him that I didn’t care



In 8th grade I was dumped over MySpace. The subject of the message was “sorry” and the body was just the lyrics to My Chemical Romance’s “I Don’t Love You.” Brutal At the time and hilarious ten years later.



My first boyfriend, whom I dated for 4 1/2 years, was breaking up with me over the phone. I took the call outside for privacy and was actually doing a pretty good job of holding it together. As I was pacing around my yard, I stepped on a GIANT wasp. I was barefoot. Needless to say I lost my shit after that, I was crying and yelling the rest of the phone call. This was also how I discovered I’m allergic to wasps, I had to go to urgent care the next day because my foot was so big it had started to bubble.



So this guy and I literally did NOT date a month. I did like him, but I realized that it happened with him too soon after my ex and told him that I needed more time, and I’d like to see if things could happen with us in the future but I of course did not expect him to wait for me. Well anyway we didn’t really talk much after then, but a month or so later I saw him at the bar, where he was really really drunk. We were talking and it was fine, then he started to yell at me. I was trying to be nice, trying to calm him down but he continued to yell, so I calmly told him that he should go back to his friends. THEN HE STARTED TO CRY. Not just tear up, he was a grown ass man BALLING in the bar. So I tried to hug him and say “It’s okay, you’re just really drunk right now”. He then proceeded to start flailing his hands and arms screaming “LOOK AT ME. LOOK AT ME.” I walked away and we have not spoken since.



My first boyfriend was really hot. But really dumb. We got into an argument one night at dinner when he told me I was “just trying to sound smart.” On the way home, I pointed out some new construction down the street from my house and told him they were building duplexes. He told me I made the word “duplex” up and needed to stop making up words. I laughed thinking there was no way he was serious and told him he was just being argumentative. He got so upset and said, “There you go again! There’s no such thing as ‘argumentative’!” At that point I realized he was entirely serious and ended it- over the word “duplex”.



my first relationship was after 6th grade “graduation” and he and i dated for maybe a week and we were already saying i love you and everything (disgusting i know) and then one day he wouldnt day i love you back and then proceeded to dump me because he thought i was weird for liking lights?? and i cried for like an hour and listened to What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts on replay and now whenever i hear it i laugh bc all i can think of is 12 year old me crying in bed listening to it



In high school my boyfriend called my house, I wasn’t home so he left a message with my mom that he didn’t want to be my boyfriend anymore.



I spent the day at the zoo with my boyfriend and during the car ride back home he sighed contentedly and said “well that was a great last day”. I asked him “last day of what?” And he said, “this relationship”. We were stuck in traffic for 45 mins after that.



I was dating a guy. It wasn’t serious and we got along better as friends and we kind of both decided that. We had an inside joke where if one of us did something annoying the other would say something like “we gave it a good shot, it was fun while it lasted.” We both decided to end things and our friends weren’t aware of it, well we kind of both broke up with each other during dinner by me saying to him “we gave it a good shot” and he replied “it was fun while it lasted” my friends couldn’t believe we were so nonchalant over it. Two years later we are best friends and we still use that same inside joke.



8th grade. i had been dating this guy for 10 months and we were in LOVE, or at least I thought. My friend stole my phone while we were hanging out and texted him something abt potatoes, so he and i launched into a supposedly friendly debate over which are better: curly or regular fries. i, of course, was defending the curlies. all of the sudden, he ATTACKS me textually. “You are so fucking stupid. Your food opinions make you sound like a six year old. You think your opinion is fact. You sound so fucking stupid” i was SHOCKED and didn’t respond. thirty minutes later he texts me and says hes crying. 2 hours later and the relationship is officially over.

Curly fries ended my relationship.



The breakup was actually really sad. But the night it happened, he ordered a calzone to my apartment, and wouldn’t leave until it was delivered.



In high school, my boyfriend at the time broke up with me over a taco. I was really hungry and took his taco. I guess it triggered him to break up with me. It was an on-and-off relationship.