13 Things Guys Say Vs. What They Actually Mean

6. He says: “I never meant to hurt you.”

What he means:

I was thinking with my dick and your feelings honestly didn’t even occur to me until right this minute.”/ “Acknowledging that I did something wrong will take the blame off of me a little bit…or so I’m hoping.”

7. He says: “Maybe, let me check my schedule.”

What he means:

“Imma see if I can get out of this.”

8. He says: “She’s just a friend.”

What he means:

“She is literally just a friend and you are overreacting.”

9. He says: “Who is he?”

What he means:

“This guy is clearly trying to fuck my girl and I don’t trust him…yet.”

10. He says: “No, you pick…”

What he means:

“You pick because if I pick you’re going to complain, but you won’t pick so I’ll finally pick and you’ll still get pissed.

11. He says: “I’ve just been really busy lately.”

What he means:

“Probably still playing video games. Also, ignoring you because I don’t want to talk to you.”

12. He says: “We’ll see.”

What he means:

“We will not see. It’s a solid no from me, I just don’t want to have to tell you that right now, and it’s quite possible that something better will come along before then. I really need to keep my options open.”

13. He says: “I’ll get to it.”

What he means: 

“I’ll try but most likely will forget until something reminds me of it. No specific timeline here.”

A note from our guest writer: “This isn’t shit that just guys say. Women do it, too.” Fair enough.

Not all men are the same, but neither are all women. We are our own beings with our own special ways of communication and as it turns out, some of us just aren’t great at it. Or maybe we are but we’re too concerned about hurting someone else’s feelings than just be honest and get on with our lives. The point is that we don’t always say what we mean, when it really is easier to just spit it out.

h/t Unwritten.