Photographer Captures This Grumpy Cat Who Thinks He’s Baby Jesus And It’s Hilarious

When the holiday season comes rolling around, almost everyone decorates with typical Christmas symbols like Santa, Snowmen, and Penguins. But, if you pass by a church or two during this time of year, they will more likely than not have a nativity scene straight out of The Bible. You know the scene with Baby Jesus in the basket. It is his birthday, after all, we might as well honor him and not old St. Nick all the time. One photographer from NYC was walking around with her boyfriend, passing by some nativity setups in her local neighborhood of Astoria and saw one of the craziest and funniest scenes she’s ever seen. Brooke Goldman told Bored Panda that when she saw a grumpy cat in the basket instead of Baby Jesus, she couldn’t stop laughing.

She said:

“I was laughing pretty hard, especially at the fact that the cat looked pretty angry as well. I was invading his space, but I couldn’t pass up the moment.”

Of course, Goldman took some photos of the scene and posted them on Facebook to a “Cat spotting” group. Since it was posted, the photo has gone basically viral as everyone thought it was absolutely hilarious.

“It started off as a silly image in my neighborhood that is now being posted and shared all over the internet, I’m being interviewed, and it’s becoming a meme. This is a dream come true in the goofiest of ways.”

People on Facebook were definitely fans of the photo.

You can check out more of Brooke’s photographer on her website here.