Girl Asks ‘Rick And Morty’ Creator How He Deals With Depression And His Answer Is Actually Incredible

Anyone who suffers from depression knows that explaining it to people who don’t struggle with the illness can be extremely difficult. When you have depression, it’s something that is often times difficult to manage and control. And, when it gets really bad, you struggle with ways to cope and deal with it. Some of the biggest celebrities and influencers actually suffer from depression, although they may not seem as though they do. Like, for example, writer, producer, and voice actor Daniel Harmon who is also the creator of the hit cartoon show, “Rick and Morty.” One Twitter user decided to ask Harmon if he had any advice for dealing with depression – and, while we’d assume this tweet could have gotten lost amongst the thousands of tweets Harmon receives, his answer was not only kind but, also, extremely insightful for those who do suffer from the illness.

Harmon started out by saying that the first step is admitting there is a problem.

He then continued to say that we must separate truth and reality from our feelings. Having feelings is real and they are valid, but they are not always the end-all, be-all of life.

He also stated that seeking help or outside intervention is incredibly important. Finding ways to cope and handle your depression will also aid in your healing.

He went on and got even deeper, saying your thoughts will manifest unless you let them out. Any way that you can do so – drawing, writing, speaking – will help them be set free and not “echo off the walls of your skull.”

Twitter users were not only grateful for Harmon’s advice but opened up about their own depression, as well.