33 Small Lies That Epically Escalated Into ‘This Is My Life Now’

22. Some food for thought regarding college via u/eaglebay:

I know a guy that took his tuition and room and board money in the form of a check from his grandfather every year, and also got checks for incidentals. He was kicked out midway through his first year. He ended up “graduating” after the fall semester of what should have been his senior year, so he didn’t walk, made a fake diploma and had a graduation party.

He ended up getting a job at a local place that requires a college education, and is now a manager and makes quite a bit. Never had to provide anything showing he graduated and they never checked. He used the stolen tuition money to buy a house during the downturn and did well on it.

I imagine his story is probably one in a million for these types of circumstances, though.