80 People Reveal The Exact Moment They Knew They Found Their Soulmate


“Out to the movies with a big group. Stupid movie, but there was only one other person who laughed [when] I laughed. I figured out who she was. We went out. We continued to laugh at all the wrong spots in life. We have been married almost 25 years. Still laughing when no one else does.”


“The moment I realized I stopped thinking ‘I’ and was always thinking ‘we’.”


“We had been dating for about 3-4 months. We were holding hands after walking out of a store and reached the curb. Without skipping a beat, we both jumped off the curb, the same as I have done since I was a little kid. My daughter and I now do it regularly. If you are still a kid at heart, find someone with a similar heart.”


“One was on my 18th birthday. Worked hard at a very physically demanding job 8-4 every day. Would come back home and shower then take a nap every day. My mom had other plans … she had dozens of my friends and family surprised me with a birthday party. Anyone who knew me knew I wouldn’t want this. Yet out of all my friends and close family, my now wife was the only one who told me in advance what was coming. I bought the ring that summer.”


“When she woke me up at 5 am to go to a pub to watch a soccer game.”


“I was in the bedroom getting ready to go somewhere and I heard my wife (girlfriend at the time) in the living room say ‘That’s what you get for fucking with Indiana Jones, douche bag!’. I asked her to marry me shortly after. I think she was watching the Last Crusade.”


“Any previous girl I dated, when driving in the car with me would tell me to calm down when someone did something stupid. I’m no maniac, just Italian. I just yell at them and move on. Well, the first time we were in a car together, she was driving and someone cut her off. Before I even said a word I heard ‘Are you fucking kidding me?!’ That was the moment.”


“I have a crazy obsession with Australia, and dream of visiting one day. My birthday rolled around soon after we began dating, and somehow she found a $20 Australian bill and gave it to me as a gift, along with a slew of other presents.
I’m saving that bill for when we eventually make it to the other side of the globe and I am spending it with her.”


After our first date, I remember thinking ‘I want to spend as much time with this woman as I can.’ We were married four months later. Still married ten years later.”


“I was hospitalized with a broken hip and she refused to leave my side through four days in the hospital. This was after my mother had passed away earlier in the year. That was the moment I realized that she was the one and have been together ever since.”