This Guy Photoshopped Pennywise Into His Sisters Engagement Photos And It’s Just The Best

Getting married is a beautiful celebration of love and a uniting of blah blah blah blah.

Look, people are taking s*** way too seriously lately. Weddings are fine but why can’t people just relax and have some fun with their pictures? Why does the world need to see you on a dock at sunset, gazing into each others eyes like a pair of psychopaths that just found each other in the bingo hall.

Enter Jesse McLaren, a former Colbert writer who decided to shoot his sisters wedding photos and hide Pennywise the clown in every photo.

See? Doesn’t that just immediately make you thankful? Aren’t you glad to live in a world where big brothers are there to keep you from taking yourself so seriously? Why can’t everyone in the White House have a big brother keeping their s*** in perspective?

Here are the photos:

And here they are one at a time for your full enjoyment.

Awesome. If only we all had a terrifying evil clown to support us on our big day.

Of course, the internet quickly reacted in sheer horror and respect:

While others were a little too preoccupied with the groom-to-be’s choice of cargo shorts: