27 True Historical Facts That Are So Crazy You’ll Be Googling Them For The Rest Of The Day

11. From user PRDJ13:

The entirety of H.H. Holmes. Man literally made a murder hotel castle in Chicago in the late 1800s and got away with it for years

Edit: Also if anyone is interested I learned most info about him and other serial killers, ghosts, aliens, etc. from a podcast that I love named “Last podcast on the left”. They have a three part episode on Holmes. It is like 3 hours long in total, informative and funny (believe it or not) the podcast may not be everyone’s taste but it’s highly worth checking out imo

12. From user AlligatorVador:

The dancing plague. It’s so ridiculously hilarious. People danced for days (I think it lasted over a month) and eventually died of heart attacks, exhaustion, or strokes. They just couldn’t stop.

13. From user Scrappy_Larue:

One of the greatest natural disasters in human history was the flu between 1918 and 1920.
500 million contacted it, and 100 million (5% of the world population) died.

14. From user Karova1:

We went to the fucking moon and came back. THEN WE WENT BACK UP WITH A CAR AND DID DONUTS ON THE FUCKING MOON.

15. From user Ragadash7:

in 896, Pope Stephan VI put a previous (and dead) pope on trial. Pope Fermosus was found guilty, de-popified, and thrown in the river