Student Begs Professor To Bring Dog To Class To Escape Hurricane & His Response Is Perfect

ICYMI, there were two huge hurricanes that hit The United States this month. First, Hurricane Harvey demolished Houston, Texas – as many are still displaced and trying to recover from the devastation. Then, Hurricane Irma came sweeping through the Carribean Islands before hitting landfall in Florida and moving north, destroying homes, businesses and other places on the shore. It’s a tragedy to see people suffer in a way they cannot control and that’s why – you should be donating your money to help others, instead of buying another pair of shoes you do not need. 

One student – Jessica Lewis – who attends Georgia Southern University – where the hurricane was going to hit once it moved north – was planning to drive home to Atlanta to beat out some of the storm. But, she didn’t want to skip class – trying to stay on track in school. The only problem was, she didn’t want to leave her dog behind. Her plan was to drive straight home after she attended her class, but, couldn’t leave her dog – like any of us, we’d do the same thing.

So, what’s a girl to do when you have a dog and you have a class? Obviously, ask your professor if you can bring your pup to class. Lewis posted the email she sent her professor, along with photos of her dog, to Facebook.