15 GIFs That Accurately Sum Up Every Girl’s Period

Mother Nature did great.

Hold on, lemme check if I’m leaking…

Oh the beloved Period.

Honestly, witnessing yourself she-hulk into a rabies infected, cannibalistic, hormonal crying machine on replay, for three to seven days straight is truly an experience.

Also –

Is it me or is it just completely acceptable to blame everything on your period? Like devouring your whole fridge to only realize you just consumed a week’s worth of groceries…

Then suddenly EVERYTHING just pisses you off…

And EVERYONE wants something from you..

But two hours later..

You’re ignored and you’re not okay with it..

And as soon as the cramps hit..

So you eventually realize that those pain meds are never gonna kick in..

The “temporary” bloat

LIESS. Fast forward a week later and I’m still finding myself trying to squeeze into my jeans.

And just when you thought things could not go any worse; that zit from last week that was totally ruining your face? Add 10 more.

It’s like the world pauses and nothing exists but in the back of your head you know you should actually be doing something but then again you don’t.

Then you’re hungry again..

That’s when you essentially realize that the bloat will never go away because you’re the one in charge of setting your own self up for failure..

Oh Sh*t – Here comes the sneeze…

The fact that you have to do it all over again next month…

Somehow. Someday. Somewhere. But for now..

May your ibuprofen bottle always be full and your fridge stoked for PMS season.