Pam From “The Office” Tried To Go Back To Chili’s & We’re Dying

All. The. Feels.

When it comes to TV shows, everyone knows that “The Office” is one that will absolutely never get old. No matter how many times you’ve watched the series, there’s nothing quite like vegging out on your couch and rewatching your favorite characters make absolute fools of themselves for years to come. If you’re a die-hard Office fan like most of the people on the Internet, you’d know that Jenna Fischer basically just made all of our lives when she tweeted this photo recently.

Jenna Fischer plays Pam on the hit TV comedy and in one particular episode, she gets banned from a Chili’s restaurant. Now, years later, she graced us with the absolute best tweet of all time.

I. Am. Dying. Basically, she was banned in an episode of The Office for sneaking drinks into the restaurant.

10 years later, Twitter knew exactly how to react to her nostalgic joke.

Even Chili’s got in on the action and made the best joke there could be made:


Thank God for Twitter.



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