27 People Shared The Stories Of The Moment They Realized Their Partners Were Cheating


I walked in on her when I came back early from a business trip for our 1 year anniversary. I had recently fractured my wrist so I was wearing a cast and it was hard to defend myself, but the guy stood up and punched me in the face and broke my nose.


My insurance agent emailed me. I was on a deployment, and my now ex-wife and my former friend drunkingkly wrapped my car around a light-pole. My agent (I know him from college, he was at the wedding) happened to see the two being overly familiar at a bar, the same day as the date on the insurance claim.


There was a guy I’d been having suspicions about. From the moment I first saw my girlfriend look at that guy I knew there’d be trouble. She’d always tell me how she hated him and disliked his annoying personality. He would try talking to her KNOWING she was in a relationship with me. Then, fast forward about 8 months, my girlfriend seems to be getting detached and eventually, on her birthday, breaks up with me, crying and all. The next day, literally, I’m at the store and I hear a guy and a girl giggling and having a blast, I pass by the aisle it’s coming from and low and behold, it’s them. They didn’t notice me and I got out of there right away completely screwed up. Then, 15 minutes later, I’m driving down a side street and boom, there they are again, walking down the street, she’s wearing his sweater. I drove by and the look on both their faces when they saw me, mostly my ex’s though, was absolutely priceless.


the boyfriend of the girl he was cheating on me with found me on social media and sent me a “hey heads up, my girlfriend is fucking your boyfriend like right now” message.

pretttttty awesome

for clarity: This guy was a complete stranger to me. He found out his girl was cheating on him, dug into it (through her phone etc, i assume) and then looked into the guy she was stepping out with. Saw that HE had a girlfriend (me), tracked ME down, and let me know what was up)


When the baby came out Mexican. True story, we are both white.


Wow it just happened this past Saturday . First off she actually broke up with me 3 weeks ago. But we have still been getting along. And she also bought the house next door to me 3 years ago which adds another dimension to the whole story. And I was heartbroken and she knows it. She gave me a bunch of reasons for her decision for her wanting to end us being a couple. Of course, none of it was her it was all my fault so I’ve been living with guilt think that it was all my fault even tho the friends that I’ve confided in say I’m crazy and she’s being unfair to me. All of her reasons started about a year ago , which is the same time that my ex-wife and mother of my two teenage sons was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that is a slow hard death sentence . Bone marrow transplant and uncountable chemo treatments. She couldn’t take care of them and they moved in with me full time. ( she’s doing better now and we are on our old shared parenting schedule ). So as she told me Saturday night after I found out, that we were on a break! Well she knew how much I still loved her and that I was really fucked up over the whole thing. So any way lets get back to Saturday . I seen her outside earlier in the day and she told me what her and her daughter were planning for the day and then she had to go into work( she and her mom own their own restaurant ). I asked if she wanted to hang out and she told me that it would be wonderful to watch a movie and drink. I was so damn happy! Until I got the text telling me that she was going out with her friends. I texted her back with my disappointment and she basically told me a better offer came along. So I sat at home, drank gin and watched the movie I rented. Well I woke up about 11 and saw that her car was parked out front of her house but all her lights we off so I figured someone else drove. I went up to bed and watched tv. At 2:00 am I get a text from her saying she couldn’t find her keys and could I let her in her house. I told her of course I could. She replied that she was at her best friends house that’s on the next street over and it would be a minute. Well 15 minutes later she finally shows up more trashed then I seen her in a long time. I mean really, really drunk. So I take her up to her bed room and she gets naked and wants to fuck. Well I look and her pussy is freshly shaves and I ask who did you do that for. Well she says, I always shave. That’s when I lost my erection! She hasn’t been this well groomed for awhile. So I tell her she full of shit and I’m going home. She asked me not to go, please stay but I put my shirt back on and told her no. As I’m walking out her bedroom door she asked me to please let out her puppy. Of course I say and I let out the dog. As I’m coming back in with the dog her phone is right on the bannister and the text message tone goes off and I see: ICANT WAIT TO FUCK YOU AGAIN!!! WTF! Well she doesn’t lock her phone( she may very well do so now), and I have never ever done this before but I had to look. Sure enough for the past 2 months she’s been texting with this guy and he met her at her friends that night. I read about a weeks worth of text as I went back up to her room. And it was pretty upsetting . I confronted her and she got that “I’m caught but I don’t care , I’m drunk and I don’t care smirk on her face” and tells me that it’s nothing serious because he’s married with four kids !!! I damn near threw up on the spot. I mean what the fuck!! I told her she’s a terrible person and that before my heart was broke, but now it was crushed!!


Best friend passed out on my porch after a party. Moved him in; later, found a phone. Saw a number of unopened messages. It was his phone. They were here messages. No longer girlfriend. No longer best friend. … … …I don’t like people.