27 People Shared The Stories Of The Moment They Realized Their Partners Were Cheating


And this one time…. at band camp… I was 14/15 years old, my best friend (let’s call her Emma) and I were dating two boys who were best friends. Typical, right? So, one day Emma and I get out of rehearsal and we go to meet up with our boyfriends, who are nowhere to be found. So we look harder, we’re wandering around campus – and we hear low voices behind a ledge. Lo and behold, our precious boyfriends were there… MAKING OUT WITH EACH OTHER. Emma immediately started crying, which caused the boys to pull apart with a suctiony schluuurp. I suppose I wasn’t as in love with Boyfriend as I thought, because my reaction was to laugh hysterically. I had never seen two boys make out before. It wasn’t bad.


My dad told me.

5 years later.

On the morning of my wedding to another woman.

After I dumped the cheater for unrelated reasons.

And my entire family pushed for me to get back together with her.



An Instagram picture of her kissing another guy. She obviously didn’t really think that one through.


We were engaged, I had miscarried two weeks earlier, as he was driving me to the bus station so I could get a bus home (moved to a different city for him) the girl called to say she was almost done moving her stuff in and could she just toss what he didn’t give me time to pack


Was living with a guy, he goes home for Thanksgiving and said he would be back the following Monday… Didn’t come back until after New Years, kept making excuses as to why he was staying longer. Finally returns, we spend 3 days together then he breaks up with me and tells me he’s moving to another state. I was pretty upset but overall was honestly calm about the situation and knew it wouldn’t work out long term with him that far away.

He leaves to go get something from the store and my cousin calls (they are from the same town, I met him through her). She asked why I sounded upset. I told her he was in town and that we had just broken up. She says, “…uhhh…. what is he doing there? He told everyone here that you broke up before Thanksgiving. He’s been sleeping around with at least 2 girls that I know of.”

He came back happy as a clam having no clue I had found out. Kicked him out in the rain at 10pm at night. Left his TV out on the curb.